Dating & Relationship Mojo

Are you on the market? Actively dating or just thinking about dipping your toe in the pool? Or are you in a relationship that you’re evaluating and want to improve or maybe remove yourself from? This pod’s for you. I’ll be discussing all of that (and doing all of that during a pandemic!) with “relationship…

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Equality, Getting Older, and Finding Joy

If you haven’t listened to PART ONE of this two-parter, stop now and go back to the previous episode – you’ll need to hear what we say in that first part to prepare you for this one. Part One is awesome, too, you’ll be happy you went back. Then, after you hear that one, THIS…

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Who TF Do They Think They Are?!

It’s Momentary Madness time, fellow Mojos! You wanna know what’s making Mojo mad these days (among a million other things, like wtf is happening in our country?!)? This is a mini episode – a little rant – on something that probably bugs everyone – from the happy couple waiting for their wedding RSVPs to anyone…

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