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Rants, Raves and Resolutions

It’s the final episode of the season and we’ve got exactly what the title says: a rant or two, a few raves and recommendations, and some all-important resolutions for our fabulous new year. We’ll also discuss the definition of MOJO – and what helps build it up!

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Dating & Relationship Mojo

Are you on the market? Actively dating or just thinking about dipping your toe in the pool? Or are you in a relationship that you’re evaluating and want to improve or maybe remove yourself from? This pod’s for you. I’ll be discussing all of that (and doing all of that during a pandemic!) with “relationship...

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Weight a Minute…

If I could add back into my life every minute I’ve spent obsessing about my weight, I’d live another 20 years…  So, what’s a Mojo Girl to do? We’re supposed to love ourselves for who we are, not for what we look like, right? Well, that’s super difficult for me. How about you? Let’s discuss.

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The Parent Question

We all have a mother and a father – and that’s who they are to us, our mother and father. So, when we’re forced to look at them as people, often flawed people, there are usually things about them we must…reckon with. I’ve done a lot of reckoning over the years about my parents, mostly...

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Equality, Getting Older, and Finding Joy

If you haven’t listened to PART ONE of this two-parter, stop now and go back to the previous episode – you’ll need to hear what we say in that first part to prepare you for this one. Part One is awesome, too, you’ll be happy you went back. Then, after you hear that one, THIS...

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Racism, God & the Perils of a Soul Train Line (PART ONE)

It’s PART ONE of your post-election feel-good (yet thought-provoking) episodes with two of the most wonderful people I know, Elaine Williams and Ricky Day. Normally, we’d be chatting over margaritas at El Coyote in Hollywood when Ricky’s visiting from New York. This time it’s a virtual happy hour, but the discussion is just as compelling....

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Meditation with Mojo (with two bonus guided meditations!)

You know what we need right now? Some down time. Some mental down time. It really is time now to chill our minds, cool down, clear out the negativity, and reboot our heads. How, you say? Well, right now, Mojo’s madly in love… with meditating. So, kick back and absorb some meditational info, followed by...

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Get Your Political Mojo Here!

Need to get fired up? Need some left-wing bias to push you forward? Need to know what the stars say about our future? (I’m talking actual stars, not the Hollywood type) You’ve got all that and more with this special election episode. Even if you’ve found this podcast post-election day – that’s cool! Sadly, everything...

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Besties, Pool Boys and What Horrified Our Mothers

The Friendiversary Episode! Time for a little lighthearted fun as BFFs Denise & Katy, Jokers #2 & 3, reminisce about 50 years of laughs and loves. They took BART to see a Rolling Stones concert, had a horrible field trip to Alcatraz, and the Colorado River will never be the same. One of us can...

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Crash Course in Getting Your Mojo Back

When I realized it was imminent, I began slowly replacing our “couple” shots on social media with animal pics from the LA Zoo. I was humiliated and didn’t want anyone to know. Six months later he was gone, but after two years people were still asking, “Did you get divorced?” Only those close to me...

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International Woman of Intrigue

Alan Alda told her to go out and get some experience and she exceeded all expectations. Gina Osborn became a cold war spy and as Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Cyber Labs in Orange, California, was one of the highest-ranking female FBI agents west of the Mississippi. Today, Gina hosts the hit true-crime...

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The Happy Time

Story Time arrives with Mojo’s very personal recounting of how she dealt with the passing of her mother. Grief has never been so adventurous. This episode is for anyone who’s ever lost…anyone. It probably won’t make you cry, but it might. Don’t worry, you’ll end up with a smile on your face, I promise.

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