Get Your Political Mojo Here!

Need to get fired up? Need some left-wing bias to push you forward? Need to know what the stars say about our future? (I’m talking actual stars, not the Hollywood type) You’ve got all that and more with this special election episode. Even if you’ve found this podcast post-election day – that’s cool! Sadly, everything we talk about here will still be around for a while, so let’s vent and educate each other with the fabulous Naketa Starkey, one of Mojo’s favorite people. Naketa’s a delightful smartass, snark enthusiast, unicorn aficionado and an actual sorceress. She’s a political nerd and also tells us what’s in store for us from an astrological POV. Mojo was pleasantly surprised. You may be, too. So, first: go get your vote on, and then: settle in for a passionate episode about WTF is going on in our country.

By the way, if you’d like your stars read or just a calming session of spiritual counseling and guided meditation from our guest Naketa, please email her directly at

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