Who TF is MOJO?

Welcome! In this debut episode, you’ll get Mojo Girl’s Origin Story – who the hell is she and why should you listen to her? This episode includes an about-ten-minutes life highlight spiel, where Mojo gets personal (and vulnerable! Scary!)

Mojo Girl Madness is…Mojo Girl, and Mojo Girl having conversations with some pretty amazing friends, showbiz colleagues, experts or just all-around funny, interesting people.

As mentioned in the trailer, Mojo Girl Madness is for when you’re looking for thought-provoking talks about life, death, love, career, family, reinvention, authenticity, age, sex, dreams, dreams about sex…yup, it’s all over the place, and that’s ok. We’re all “all over the place!” And that’s ok, too. Some episodes may have timely elements, but none so much as to not have nuggets you can use or ponder. And there may be some “entertainment industry” episodes, too.

Enjoy! Hope you come back for more – remember, the next episode is almost all about YOU!

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Love ya madly

Mojo Girl Madness is a product of Mojo Girl Productions, Inc.

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